What Are You Licking for… I Mean Looking For?

2 min readJun 18, 2022

Why do you come to Medium? What makes you keep reading? And Where else do you read?

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Writing is my side hustle. It’s how I blow off steam. I love writing on Medium, and yet I hate that I can’t make it really work for me. I started writing on Medium in March of 2021 when a friend told me about a March Madness challenge. At first, I thought, no way can I publish a story every single day in March. But then I tried. It was just little fantasies I had stored up. Many of those stories have been deleted from Medium now, but I did make it through that challenge. I published every day. And I got reads. And I got good feedback. I was hooked.

Then summer of 2021 came, and so did Medium bonuses. Suddenly, I was making $1,000 a month in bonuses alone. I started thinking that maybe I could write for real. Maybe I could replace the income from my day job. Then bonuses were taken away. Also, reads seemed to be worth a little less than before. Add on that more and more erotica writers were flooding onto Medium because they’d heard there was money to be made.

I don’t begrudge all the new writers. In fact, I welcome it. I think the higher ups at Medium are probably surprised how many people find our sexy stories and start following us, looking for more. So I’m here to ask, what are you looking for? Just sexy stories? A quick read that will get your libido singing? Do you just share my kinks and fantasies? Do you read anywhere else?

I ask this because coming up with a short story just to say goodbye to the characters after a few thousand words takes its toll. I am a romance writer by nature (though the cheating stories were a surprisingly fun challenge that began when someone dared me to try).

As I have dialed back from publishing a story several times a week, down to only about once a week, I have wondered if you would be willing to read longer stories. If not, that’s fine. I just wanted to know if it’s only shorts on Medium that you’re interested in, or would you be interested in something longer?

Today, I published a hotwife novella called The Hotwife Experiment. It’s a little of a mix between hotwife, cuckold, and ménage. If you’re interested in reading it, it’s available on Kindle Unlimited.

I’m trying to figure out how I want to expand, what I should write next. I started writing ménage and that will definitely be a part of my future, but I have a lot of fantasies to share, so I’m throwing this out into the wild: What’s your fantasy?


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